a) Alvorada Comum, Unipessoal, Lda (hereinafter referred to as Aveiro Moments), with the NIF 515685046, discloses, promotes and commercializes, through its website www.aveiro-moments.pt, numerous tourist experiences, which may be able to be enjoyed by legitimate holders of “virtual tickets”.

b) The aforementioned experiences take the form of virtual tickets, sold at www.aveiro-moments.pt or through the websites managed by Aveiro Moments, hereinafter referred to as “website”.

c) The experiences disseminated and promoted by Aveiro Moments, include a multitude of services that are constantly being modified and updated.

d) The experiences disseminated and promoted by Aveiro Moments are organized, carried out, produced, supplied and provided by Incrível Odisseia, under the terms defined in the partnership agreements entered into between it and Aveiro Moments.

e) Aveiro Moments acts on behalf of and on behalf of said suppliers, as an intermediary between the acquirer/holder of a “virtual ticket” and the suppliers of the respective experiences.

f) The “virtual tickets” are considered valid after their effective payment, the respective confirmation email received as proof of payment. The holder/acquirer must keep proof of payment for the “virtual tickets” purchased on the Aveiro Moments website, as well as the respective “virtual ticket”. It serves as a “virtual ticket”, the purchase confirmation email.

g) If Aveiro Moments detects evidence of fraud or abusive use of the “virtual tickets” or credits offered to its customers, it reserves the right to suspend them unilaterally until its extrajudicial or judicial clarification.

h) The acquisition of a “virtual ticket” implies the acceptance, either by the acquirers or by the holders, of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as their full and complete adherence to the respective conditions, which will prevail over any other document of the acquirers or of the holders and, in particular, on any other general conditions of purchase that the purchasers or holders will expressly recognize that will not apply – unless a waiver, in writing, express and prior agreement by Aveiro Moments.

a) When purchasing, the purchaser selects the date they want to enjoy the experience, as well as the ideal time interval (9am to 11am, 11am to 1pm, 1pm to 3pm, 3pm to 5pm or 5pm to 7pm).

b) The bookings will be considered valid and definitive in accordance with the commercial policy of Aveiro Moments, when the customer receives the purchase confirmation via e-mail.

c) On the day of the experiment, the holder of the “virtual ticket” must provide proof of it as a means of payment, and must appear at the place and date previously scheduled at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time interval.

d) As the tours last about 45 minutes and are subject to a limited number of passengers per boat, Aveiro Moments reserves the right to embark the Client on any of the existing trips during the time interval chosen by the Client. at the time of purchase.

e) In case Customers wish to make reservations for a specific time (for example, in the case of group reservations that have to follow defined schedules), we ask that they contact us directly at 914 170 937 or via email info@aveiro-moments.pt.

f) The issuance of the invoice for the “virtual ticket”, when requested by the customer, falls to Aveiro Moments. The customer will be able to provide their tax details (TIN and Name) and the respective invoice will be sent by email.

g) All experiences that present promotional conditions for purchase mentioned on the website are limited to the restrictions and special conditions expressly indicated therein.

Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, holders of “virtual tickets” may contact the services of Incrível Odisseia – via the number 914 170 937 or via the email address info@aveiro-moments.pt – to obtain any clarifications.

a) The experience must take place on the scheduled date, under penalty of irrevocable loss of the rights granted by the acquired “Virtual Ticket”.

b) There is the possibility of rescheduling the date and time of the “Virtual Tickets”, if this is done with at least 48 hours prior notice before the date and time of the trip. Therefore, any changes you wish to make to the date and time of your ticket/s, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can validate the possibility of rebooking. Contacts: telephone 914170937 or e-mail info@aveiro-moments.pt.

Aveiro Moments may, in exceptional cases, analyze the possibility of rescheduling the “Virtual Ticket”, for requests less than 48 hours in advance.

c) Failure to appear without prior notice at the scheduled time and date implies the respective loss of the ticket/s and the consequent loss of rights in relation to it. After the no-show, there will be no possibility of rescheduling.

d) Pursuant to art 17.⁰ n1 paragraph k) of dl 24/2014, Aveiro Moments does not grant the right to repent and thus, does not refund Tickets purchased on the website. This decision is related to the fact that it is a leisure activity with a specific period of enjoyment and with limited passenger capacity.

In the event that you are unable to attend on the scheduled date and time and taking into account that we do not provide refunds, we suggest that you contact us at least 48h in advance, so that we can reschedule the date and time of your ticket.

a) Aveiro Moments’ network of suppliers and partners is spread across the district of Aveiro, being continuously growing. However, if Aveiro Moments, for any reason, withdraws a trip from its sales catalogue, the purchaser of the “virtual ticket” is guaranteed to carry out the previously purchased trip provided that the respective ticket is within the validity period.

b) The experiences and the respective characteristics that appear in the catalog on the Aveiro Moments website are the exclusive responsibility of their suppliers. Aveiro Moments cannot be held responsible for any possible discrepancy between the aforementioned descriptions and the characteristics of the experiences.

c) The photographs of the experiences in the Aveiro Moments catalog are merely illustrative and not binding.

d) The duration of trips, for the most part, is referred to in an approximate way and is merely indicative. Unless otherwise indicated, each experience will be carried out together with other people, which can lead to variable waiting times to which Aveiro Moments is totally oblivious.

e) Trips – unless otherwise indicated, namely due to their own nature – do not include transport and accommodation.

f) All information provided by Aveiro Moments about the experiences is based on the information provided by the partners and is merely indicative, being the responsibility for all information relating to the experiences and for all circumstances relating to their preparation, performance and use exclusively of the suppliers thereof, and Aveiro Moments cannot be held responsible for any issue of this nature.

a) The trips may presuppose the verification of certain conditions and requirements regarding the person(s) who use them, such as minimum age, health status, good physical or psychological conditions or other requirements.

b) Booking restrictions are stipulated by each partner, and Aveiro Moments is responsible for managing reservations and informing the purchasers/holders of the “virtual tickets” of the dates on which it is not possible for the experience providers to accept bookings.

c) When possible, such restrictions will be indicated on the website.

d) In cases where there is any physical and/or mental limitation on the part of the users of the trips, this must be expressly mentioned, either to Aveiro Moments when booking, or to the trip providers on the day of the trip.

a) The realization/provision of certain trips may depend on the verification of favorable weather conditions. In these cases, holders of “virtual tickets” must request all the information they need from Aveiro Moments, at the time of booking.

b) Aveiro Moments will provide purchasers and holders with any clarifications at their disposal and will provide support in the transmission of information between travel providers and ticket holders.

c) If a trip is canceled due to weather conditions, the carrier must request information from Aveiro Moments, namely to make a new booking, which will always be subject to the weather conditions of the scheduled day, as well as the availability of suppliers.

d) If purchasers and/or holders incur expenses, losses or damages resulting from a “last minute” cancellation due to adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances and circumstances preventing the completion of the trip, Aveiro Moments cannot be held liable , in whatever form, for such expenses, losses or damages and, in particular, for the reimbursement thereof, and such matter must be dealt with, exclusively, directly with the travel suppliers.

e) Any matter related to the non-performance of any trip on the date set for this purpose, whatever the cause, must be resolved and settled with the travel suppliers, and Aveiro Moments cannot be held liable in this matter – without prejudice of all the support it will provide, as a mediator between the acquirer, or the holder, and the suppliers.

a) The risks inherent in the provision/carrying out of travel, as declared to Aveiro Moments by all travel suppliers, are covered by insurance in the amounts required by law, contracted by the suppliers of travel-related products and services .

b) The existence of the above insurance does not affect the obligation of customers to guarantee, expressly and under their exclusive responsibility, that they have all the physical and mental conditions to carry out the trips.

c) Customers must scrupulously comply with all the rules of prudence related to their performance, especially in sports activities and activities called “at risk”, and must fully follow all instructions, rules and indications that are provided by the travel suppliers, being that the realization of them will always presuppose the acceptance of all the risks inherent to them by the clients.

Your opinion is important to Aveiro Moments. If you have any suggestions or complaints, please do not hesitate to present them, as this is of utmost importance for the improvement of our services. Contact us at info@aveiro-moments.pt.

a) In the event of a consumer dispute, defined in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 144/2015, of 8 September, the consumer may resort to the competent alternative resolution of consumer disputes.

b) Without prejudice to the legislation, statutes and regulations to which the consumer alternative dispute resolution entities are bound, the consumer may opt for the European online dispute resolution platform available at Online Dispute Resolution, by the entity of alternative resolution of consumer disputes in the place of your domicile or by the alternative resolution entity with specialized competence, if it exists for the sector in question. You can consult the updated list of all alternative consumption resolution entities available at the Consumer Portal.

c) If there is no alternative dispute resolution entity(ies) under the terms of the preceding paragraph or the existing entity(ies) do not consider themselves competent due to the value of the dispute, the consumer can turn to the Consumer Conflict Arbitration Center, located in Coimbra, with the email address: Centro de Arbitragem de Coimbra and available on the page Centro de Arbitragem de Coimbra

Right of access, correction, opposition and deletion of personal data

Pursuant to the applicable legislation, the Customer is guaranteed the right to access data that directly concern him, and may request its correction or addition, contacting the Aveiro Moments Data Protection Department for this purpose. The Customer may also, at any time, object to the processing of data, with the exception of those strictly necessary for the provision of services, and/or request the deletion of their data for marketing purposes or inclusion in subscriber lists and information services. For this purpose, you should contact Aveiro Moments in writing or via the email address info@aveiro-moments.pt.

Security of personal data

Ensuring the confidentiality and security of Customer data is a constant concern of Aveiro Moments. Given the sensitivity of this information, Aveiro Moments prepared and informed all its employees about the company’s Privacy Policy on the Security of personal data.

Aveiro Moments also created a Data Protection Department to monitor compliance with these policies and required the same level of compliance from subcontractors in relation to the processing of personal data.
Periodically, Aveiro Moments organizes awareness-raising actions with its employees and subcontractors, in order to ensure the maintenance of the rules applicable to the protection of personal data, having even created an Internal Regulation with guidelines on their confidentiality. Also the employees of Aveiro Moments, as well as the subcontractors with whom Aveiro Moments has contracts, assumed the commitment not to reveal to third parties or use for purposes contrary to the law, any personal information of Aveiro Moments Clients whose knowledge is inherent to the exercise of their functions.
The constitution of teams and systems to ensure the security of information, creating and updating procedures that prevent unauthorized access, accidental loss and/or destruction of personal data, was also one of Aveiro Moments’ priorities.

Aveiro Moments is committed to complying with the legislation on the protection of the privacy of Customers’ data and to treating these data only for the purposes for which they were collected, as well as ensuring that these data are treated with adequate levels of security and confidentiality, under the terms of the applicable legislation and the conditions established by the National Data Protection Commission (CNPD). Any doubts or questions that remain in relation to the applicable legislation, this entity should be contacted (CNPD):

National Data Protection Commission
Av. D. Carlos I, 134 – 1st
1200-651 Lisbon
or through the website: www.cnpd.pt
or by telephone: +351 213928400

Despite the security measures implemented, we alert you to the fact that the data circulating on the Internet are not fully protected against possible deviations, with the communication of access passwords, passwords, confidential codes and any sensitive information being carried out under the sole responsibility of the Customer.

You may also, at any time, request the anonymization of your data and withdraw your consent for these data to be processed, for which purpose you must contact the Aveiro Moments Data Protection Department.

Aveiro Moments undertakes to respect the legislation on the protection of the privacy of Customers’ data and to treat these data only for the purposes for which they were collected, as well as to ensure that these data are treated with adequate levels of security and confidentiality, under the terms of the applicable legislation and the conditions established by the CNPD.

Bearing in mind the great concern and commitment that Aveiro Moments reveals in defending privacy issues, several technical and organizational security measures were adopted in order to protect the personal data made available to us against its dissemination, loss, unauthorized use, alteration, treatment or access, as well as against any other form of unlawful treatment. In this sense, throughout our website, forms for collecting personal data require encrypted browser sessions. Notwithstanding the security measures adopted by Aveiro Moments, we are obliged to alert everyone who surfs the Internet that they must adopt additional security measures, namely, ensuring that they use a PC and a Browser updated in terms of properly configured security patches , with an active firewall, antivirus and anti-spyware and ensure the authenticity of the websites you visit on the internet, avoiding websites whose reputation you do not trust.

Aveiro Moments is the exclusive owner of the industrial and intellectual property rights related to the “virtual tickets” and the content and presentation of its travel catalogue. No purchase can be interpreted as any transfer of ownership rights over intellectual and/or industrial property rights to purchasers, holders or any third parties.

By purchasing a “virtual ticket” or any other service marketed and/or advertised by Aveiro Moments, the purchasers, holders and, in general, all Aveiro Moments customers, expressly declare that they have been properly informed of these Terms and Conditions . Users also declare to have taken perfect and complete knowledge and to have fully understood all of its content, conditions and implications, also declaring to accept, without any reservations, these Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

All customers who make a reservation in our online store will receive an email so they can evaluate the trip they booked. In the evaluation form, the customer is free to choose between leaving an anonymous comment (no associated customer name) or putting his name.

Ratings may be submitted by us or third-party companies such as Trip Advisor, among others.

All evaluations must comply with the participation rules indicated below and always respect other users. Otherwise, Aveiro Moments reserves the right to reject the evaluation of said comments.

– Reviews with content or links that may be defamatory, insulting, insulting or contrary to Portuguese law will not be accepted, including those that advocate terrorism or violence in general, or those that may violate the rights of minors .

– Evaluations with racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory content based on gender identity or that, in general, can be interpreted as an attack on any objective or minority based on characteristics such as nationality, sex, the religion, age or any type of physical or mental disability.

– Ratings cannot include threats, insults or personal attacks on other users of the site.

– Reviews that include spam, commercial advertising or specially copyrighted material will not be accepted.

– Reviews whose only obvious objective is to sabotage the product (the same paragraph, link, sentence, etc. repeated 25 times, for example) will be deleted.

– Ratings with obscene or pornographic content will be deleted.

Aveiro Moments reserves the right to completely delete the evaluations that do not respect these operating rules or that do not have to do with the topic to be dealt with. Aveiro Moments is not responsible for the opinions expressed by users through its participation tools.

Document updated on: June 8, 2021.

Without prejudice to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, you may contact the services of Incrível Odisseia, through the number 914 170 937 or through the e-mail address info@aveiro-moments.pt, to obtaining any clarifications.